SmartDESKTM is a secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution,
that allows you to deploy your Windows desktops and
applications as a cloud service.

What Is SmartDESK?

Our DaaS solution offers affordable and convenient ways to concentrate on effective remote working and productive collaborations from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Increase your employees’ productivity and flexibility, improve crisis management, giving them the chance to access their work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Why Do You Need SmartDESK?

We offer a number of advantages, ranging from employee efficiency to data safety and security. Sometimes employees need to access their work from multiple devices from anywhere. With SmartDESKTM,they can run different software applications on different operating systems. As companies work with a lot of data, they’re always afraid of a data breach, as they are considered as the most lucrative items for thieves to steal. We help companies improve their crisis management system and ensure the security of the information. Furthermore, all the data is backed up on the cloud server so there is never a chance that information is lost due to failure of hardware such as hard drives, motherboards or physical damages. Your data is always there when you need even when physical hardware fails.

Our Benefits

Strong Security

Storing important business files on unsecured devices increases the risk of a data breach. With SmartDESK, you don’t need to worry information loss, as data is stored in the data center, not the device.

Business Continuity

You never lose your files, your programs, nor will you ever had to deal with the headaches and stress of viruses!

Cost Efficiency

Instead of investing in hardware upgrades, your company needs to pay only for DaaS subscription. Additionally, SmartDESKTM offters a pay as you go pricing strategy, which means you will pay for what you used on a transaction basis.

Great Mobility

Remote working no longer means carrying around heavy equipment and transferring business files continuously. SmartDESKTM ensures the same PC desktop experience on any device from everywhere helping your employees to be more flexible and responsive.

Our Use Cases

Flexibility And Remote Workers
Transferring all the necessary information regularly from one computer to another doesn't seems resonable and requires a lot of time. SmartDESK helps you access your applications, desktops, and data from anywhere, streamlining the work process.
Crisis Management
Any business face problems that may have a negative influence on its normal course of operations. SmartDESK will maintain access to valuable information during a crisis and allow you to run your business faster and more effectively.
Mergers & Acquistions
In today's data-driven world, business mergers and acquisitions can seem stressful. Business owners face the daunting challenge of integrating networks and accessing their systems from the new location in all hustle. SmartDESK TM integrates
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Customer FAQ

"Are There Performance Degradation's And Limitations?"
"Can I Still Use My Printer And USB Functionality?"
"Does It Require A VPN?"
"Can We Limit Permissions?"


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