Specifically Engineered For Healthcare

solutions engineered to make your life easier

Create a unified professional company:

  • With our perfectly engineered solution, all of your locations are tied together so a customer can experience a seamless experience regardless of which location they are calling.
  • Transfer a customer from one location to another location without them ever having to disconnect and dial another location’s number.
  • Share the same music on hold and messaging on hold for all of your locations at no additional cost
    Automatically transfer unanswered call from one location to the next nearest location

Busy lines are bad for business

No matter how many people call you at once, your phones will never ring busy! After all, if your phones are busy, your competitor gets the business.

After hours answering service

Clients calling you after hours can be automatically routed to an answering service or to a location that is still open.

Easy to use, efficient and headache free

Once you hire us as your “employee”, we work for you, which means anytime you need us, we are here to make sure everything is running smoothly. Oh and there is no additional cost for helping you unlike other companies.

Seamless customer experience available at the tip of your hands

We know that telecommunications are the lifeline of every healthcare company and we can meet all technology requirements of companies of any size. Our proactive approach ensures all phone systems run smoothly and your customers can always get through. Your office infrastructure will never experience another delay under our watch! Benefit from a comprehensive array of customizable menus, voicemail features, recorded tones, speed-dials, extension modules and more with our cost-effective Phone System and Service.
Partner with Vivant and we will plan and implement your healthcare company’s Disaster Recovery plan to ensure your office architecture is fully protected in every scenario! We minimize technology problems and ensure business continuity and optimal operational efficiency with a solution that stores, backs up and restores data from any point.

Medical Industry

The Problem

  • Primary problem:

    A multi-location restaurant chain was experiencing problems with internet and telephone outage using AT&T services.

  • Secondary problem:

    Internet speeds were slow and not sufficient for business use. No other alternative options for high speed internet.

The Solution

  • Vivant’s team of engineers worked closely with the end-user and gathered all the requirements for business operations, then setup a national account with a nationwide cable company with zero construction cost to the customer in order to bring true high speed internet to the site.
  • As a secondary means to prevent outages and bring a true connectivity, Vivant installed a secondary connection including a firewall to proactively monitor internet connections and ensure the client’s internet and phone service experiences no outage.

The Conclusion

  • Client now has high speed internet at no additional cost compared to their DSL connection
  • A redundant internet connection to ensure 100% uptime.
  • Very minimal upfront expense and a 12% cost saving on monthly services
  • One company for service, support, billing and maintenance for all locations