Why Is Helpdesk Software A Must For Any Business Providing Service Or Installation

Helpdesk software allows you to centrally manage your tasks, allows you to be more efficient, provide better service and support to your end user.

Create a task

  • Create a new jobs, a support ticket, service call, add a maintenance call, or whatever task which must be completed. A simple and user friendly interface allows the creation of tasks in a matter of seconds. It can be created by the end-user or your staff.
  • A task is linked to a customer, categorized, assigned a priority level and a user responsible for completing the given task.

Email notifications

  • Automatically notify the customer and the user to whom the task is assigned. Reminder for when tasks are scheduled for a user are a great way to ensure tasks are never forgotten.

Departments and Categories

  • Create multiple categories to organize your task depending on department, users, priority or any other specific needs.
  • You can auto assign tickets in a given categories to a user (if there are multiple users, how will it assign the ticket?)
  • Automatically prioritize one category over another, make it public or private, and auto-assign tickets in a specific category.

Assign tasks to users & track progress

  • Easily create users, assign tasks to users manually or automatically. Track the progress of any given task, notes, comments and progress.
  • See user ratings based on their efforts and customer ratings on how effectively they finished the task.
  • Control user permissions and only assign them to what they need access to.
  • Users have the ability to clock in and clock out on-site or track their hours spent on each ticket automatically when resolving a support ticket.

View Schedules on a color coded calendar

  • Create automations to auto assign tickets from specific customer, to change categories of tickets, increase priority, move a ticket to a different department or anything else you could wish for.

View Schedules on a color coded calendar

  • View schedules by users or category. Each user’s schedule is color codes for easy viewing.
  • Print user’s schedule using the Agenda View. This easy to read format allows them to see the scheduled events, location, contact person and description of what must be fixed.

Create accountability & transparency

  • Track status of a task, review tickets opened for extended period of time, view tickets by category, user, and status in a matter of few clicks.
  • Create a knowledge base for customer self-help. They can browse through relevant articles and resolve the issue before they even try to contact you. When a ticket is being submit, the Knowledge base suggests related articles which may help the user resolve the issue quickly, saving time.