Setting up GS-Wave mobile application

1. Download and launch the application and then press “Settings” and then “Account Settings”
2. Press “+” to add new account.
3. Press “Sip Account”.
4. Enter the credentials sent, “Account Name” and “Display Name” can be anything here. Once done press “tick” on the top right corner and make sure “Activate Account” is checked.

Account Name: Name – Extensions number e.g. Vivant – 1001
SIP Server: Hostname, Domain e.g.
SIP User ID: Extension number e.g. 1001
Password: Password sent via email
Display Name: Name – extension number e.g. Vivant – 1001

5. Once the account is successfully registered with server, which could take a couple of seconds, it
should show green icon.
6. Press “Settings” and Account Settings once again and then press the account to configure
advanced options.
7. Scroll down and look for “SIP Settings” and then change the option “Register Expiration (m)” from
60 to 5. Afterwards, press keypad to start making calls. Please change this setting to 2 or 1 if you
have problems receiving calls.
Appendix – Other Settings to check for any issues

Settings => Account Settings => Select Account => Network Settings

NAT Traversal should be Keep-Alive

Settings => Account Settings => Select Account => SIP Settings

  • Transmission Protocol => UDP
  • Register Expiration (m) => Try 5 first and if issues then use 2 and if still issues then 1
  • Only Accept SIP Requests from Known Server => Checked

Settings => Advanced Settings => Network Settings

  • Only Use this Wifi to Register Account => Make sure this not checked otherwise it will only work over WiFi and not LTE