Mute / Do Not Disturb (DND)

Multi-Function Mute button

Multi-Function Mute button
Mute can be used to place the phone in Do Not Disturb (DND), Mute the headset/handset or speaker.

  • The Mute icon indicates whether the microphone is muted, when calls are muted, the button will be lit orange.
  • Pressing the MUTE button when phone is idle, will place the phone in DND mode. The DND icon will be displayed on the screen.
  • Please note, when pressing the mute to place the phone in DND, the phone will dial out and will announce “Do not disturb activated.” Wait until the announcement is finished and phone will automatically disconnect.
  • Pressing the MUTE button again, will remove the phone from DND mode, phone will dial out and announce “Do not disturb deactivated” and will disconnect automatically.

What happens if phone is stuck in DND?

DND settings
Sometimes the phone will display the DND icon on the screen but it is NOT in DND mode or it is in DND mode and will not display the DND icon on the screen. Follow these steps to fix this issue.

  • Press the mute button and wait until you hear “Do not disturb is deactivated”
  • Restart your phone