Vivant Voicemail Instructions

Vivant Voicemail Instructions

Accessing your voicemail from your home/office phone.

  1. Pick up your home phone and dial *97 or Press . You should hear the voicemail prompt in about 10 seconds.
  2. Press 1 to listen to your voice messages. Options from the main menu are…
    1. Listen to Messages
    2. Change folders. Folder options are…
      1. New Messages.
      2. Old Messages.
      3. Work Messages.
      4. Family Messages
      5. Friends Messages
  3. Advanced Options * will exit if you go here.
  1. Mailbox Options. Options from here are…
    1. Record or change your unavailable Greeting. After recording your greeting you may…
      1. Press 1 to accept it.
      2. Press 2 to listen to it.
      3. Press 3 to Re-record it.
    2. Record or Change your Busy Greeting.
    3. Record or Change your Name only Greeting.
    4. Record or Change your Temporary or Vacation Greeting.
    5. Change your Password.

* Return to Main menu. * Help # Exit Voicemail

Unavailable Greeting

The standard voice mail greeting is the “unavailable” greeting. This is used if you don’t answer the phone and so the call is directed to your voice mailbox.

Busy Greeting

If you wish, you can record a custom greeting used when someone calls you and you are currently on the phone. This is called your “busy” greeting.

Temporary Greeting

You can also record a temporary greeting. If it exists, a temporary greeting will always be played instead of your “busy” or “unavailable” greetings. This could be used, for example, if you are going on vacation or will be out of the office for a while and want to inform people not to expect a return call anytime soon. Using a temporary greeting avoids having to change your normal unavailable greeting when you leave and when you come back